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Butch Roehl (262) 894-7137
Mark Berlick (262) 470-3979
N2765 Hardscrabble Road
Palmyra, WI 53156

Sports Club in Palmyra, Wisconsin

Fishing, Sports Club in Palmyra, WI

Fin 'N' Feather Sportsman's Club, Inc. is a private sports club in Palmyra, Wisconsin offering various activities for all ages to our members and families. We also provide a number of open-to-the-guests events that offer fun for your friends, neighbors and family including both summer and winter trap leagues.

About the Club
The Fin 'N' Feather Sportsman's Club, Inc. located at N2765 Hardscrabble Rd in Palmyra Wisconsin,  was founded in 1953, with the first charter written on October 24, 1953, and the second on October 2, 1957.

Located between Dousman and Palmyra, the club owns 90 acres of land, including forest, meadow, and an 9 acre pond where members and their families can enjoy camping, picnics, fishing, swimming,
and boating.

We have a fifty-site campground, complete with picnic tables, playgrounds, electricity, and restroom facilities, with a covered shelter used for larger family get-togethers and club activities.

We have a rifle range that features pop up military style targets at 100 yards, and in the fall we offer a running deer target for use during our rifle sight-in. At the rifle sight in, we offer assistance to those who need help setting up their weapons and scopes.

Interested in becoming a new member?

New membership enrollment is available to adults age 18 and over.

Membership cost is $220 per year, pro-rated depending on the date joined, with a one time initiation fee of $110, and a $5 key fee.

Members are required to work 30 hours of club service per year.

We meet the second Saturday of every month. If you are interested in joining, come to the clubhouse before the 6:30 PM board meeting to receive a copy of the club rules and regulations. Ask anyone at the clubhouse for a copy of the paperwork, and you’ll be directed to the right person. Your membership application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration. Your sponsorship can be arranged, subject to application approval.

Contact Fin 'N' Feather Sportsman's Club, Inc. in Palmyra, Wisconsin, t o request more information about membership.